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Since 1959, OGS Industries has been stamping metal components to meet industry design requirements. Our experienced staff can help you save time and money on your metal stampings by working with Engineering to ensure manufacturability. We can produce precision metal stampings from simple ID/OD’s to complex progressive tooling parts and have presses available from 5 tons to 500 tons.

Precision Shims

Having cutting our teeth on shims for over 50 years, we manufacture a variety of shims in all shapes and sizes from as small as a few millimeters to several feet in diameter. We also have expertise in very light gauge shims, such .001 & .002.

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metallic gaskets

Metallic Gaskets

At OGS we manufacture metallic gaskets ranging from aluminum, stainless, copper, and even silver plated. Metal gaskets rely on the seating surface to accomplish a proper seal.

Metal Fabrications & Weldments

Metal Fabricated products can be produced in several different ways, so having a wide variety of equipment and technology to do the job right is necessary. In our fabrication department, we focus on mostly single component manufacturing and not assembly work. This allows us to work higher volume (several hundred or thousand parts at a time) type jobs through our production line.

metal fabrications and weldments
screw machined components

Screw Machined Components

Screw Machine components are often of high precision, smaller, type of parts. OGS produces a lot of Aerospace screw machine components for engines and landing gear assemblies. Common parts are Pistons & Cylinder Sleeves, Bleeder Valves & Adapters, Washers, Pins and more. Our max O.D. size goes up to 2.25″.

CNC Machined Components

Our CNC department steps in where our screw machine department leaves off. With a variety of CNC Vertical Mills, CNC Lathes, and CNC Mill/Turn machining centers, we can produce almost anything that is roughly the size of a shoe box and smaller. We specialize in lower volume, complex parts, with  exotic materials, but can also do common aluminums and steels with ease.

cnc machining