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Swiss Screw Machining Highlights

Up to 2 1/2`` Round Bar Diameter
Swiss Screw Machines
Automatic Screw Machines

Examples of parts we produce:

Pistons and Cylinder Sleeves

We makes many types of pistons and cylinder sleeves for many different Industries.  These parts may vary in size up to 6 inches.


Washers can be made in baulk from order quantities up to 20,000 parts per month and can be made from any material specified.

Bleeder Valves and Adapters

Bleeder valves and adapters can be produced to almost any specifications that your company may provide. Most are made from hardened steel and comes in various sizes to meet your needs.

Grip Pins and Tubes

Grip pins are normally made from hardened steel and then assembled with brass centers.  These grip pins are massed produced to meet quantities of more than 10,000 parts per month.

Retainer Pins and Screws

Retainer pins, screws and bolts are made to the highest standards.  Some of the dimensional tolerances are +/- .0005 with finishes that must be greater than 4RA or 50RZ.