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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Pump + Compressor Parts

Pumps and compressors are vital to the transportation of fluids, gases, and chemicals in a number of industries, from aerospace and industrial to transportation and power sports. The smooth operation of these systems relies on high-quality metal pump and compressor parts that can withstand the demanding conditions of these applications and provide performance over the long run.

For more than 60 years, OGS Industries has delivered custom high-performance pump and compressor parts for some of the most widely used systems out there. We’re a full-service metal manufacturer located in Akron, Ohio. Between our certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, highly experienced team, and extensive list of capabilities, we have the ability to deliver pump and compressor parts that help keep your operations running for years.

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metal stamping

Metal Stampings

OGS provides top-notch metal stamping solutions for valve plates, flanges, gaskets and seals, mounting brackets, shields and covers, and more.

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metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication

With our sheet metal fabrication capabilities, we can create pump and compressor parts like impeller hubs, heat exchanger components, and more

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cnc machining

CNC Machining

The precision of CNC machining is ideal for impellers and rotors, shafts and shaft assemblies, valve bodies, and specialized components.

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inventory stocking programs

Quality Assurance

At OGS, we pride ourselves on our careful approach to quality assurance. Our quality certifications include IATF16949, ISO9001 AS9100 and ISO14001.

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Complete Assembly Manufacturing Services

Our comprehensive assembly services further streamline your production processes from start to finish. Managing everything from individual components to complete systems, we ensure the seamless integration of all components. With our vendor inventory management and stock programs, we guarantee timely availability of parts, optimizing your supply chain efficiency. Together, our assembly, packaging, and delivery services provide quick and reliable delivery to meet your production schedules.

Get More Efficienct Parts for Pumps + Compressors with OGS

At OGS Industries, we invest in the latest advanced manufacturing equipment and the team to provide next-level metal stamping, fabrication, and machining solutions for pump and compressor parts. Our services go beyond manufacturing and include packaging and assembly, welding, inventory stock programs, vendor inventory management services, and local delivery.

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