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An Aerospace Machine Shop for Specialized Machining, Stamping, and Fabrication

Whether it’s for commercial or defense aircraft, precision and quality are of the utmost importance for the aerospace industry. With more than 60 years of contract manufacturing excellence, OGS Industries provides aerospace metal part manufacturing services to meet your most demanding aerospace metal machining, stamping, fabrication or welding applications (with NADCAP approved welding suppliers). We’re proud to have supported numerous aerospace companies, including Meggitt, Boeing, Sikorsky, Rolls-Royce, GEAE, and Airbus — just to name a few.

Specializing in low-to-medium production volume as well as standard and exotic materials, our sole focus is on delivering excellence and quality in every single component and service. Our aerospace machine shop is certified in the following quality systems pertaining to the aerospace industry: IATF 14969, AS9100, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ITAR. Whether you need critical functional components, high-precision parts, or tight-tolerance manufacturing, our aerospace metal part manufacturing shop offers the robust capabilities to get the job done.

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Aerospace Engine Components

Aerospace engines face intense pressure and temperatures, demanding components with peak performance and fuel efficiency. At OGS Industries, we excel in producing lightweight, high-quality parts like turbine blades, compressor rotors, and more. You can trust our robust capabilities to enhance engine efficiency and reliability on every flight. Explore them here.

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Landing Gear Components

To safeguard aircraft safety and ensure a successful flight, metal landing gear components must endure harsh conditions and recurring impact. At OGS Industries, our capabilities in metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, and CNC machining produce high-precision parts, shock struts, and retraction mechanisms that help you overcome reliability challenges, and exceed aerospace standards. Learn more about them here.

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Wheel and Brake Components

Wheel and brake systems in aerospace endure extreme forces, temperatures, and pressures, requiring components with notable precision and durability. With over 60 years of experience, OGS Industries has years of experience manufacturing critical wheel and brake parts like brake discs and wheel hubs. Our advanced metal stamping, fabrication, and CNC machining ensure these components meet stringent aerospace standards, ensuring optimal performance under the most intense conditions.

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Metal Components for Aerospace Defense Systems

Aerospace defense systems need to perform flawlessly in extreme environments, where even minor failures lead to disastrous consequences. At OGS Industries, we bring 60 years of industry experience to high-precision metal parts for defense systems, like mounting brackets and trigger mechanisms. Ensure reliability in your systems by exploring our robust manufacturing capabilities here.

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Choose OGS Industries as Your Trusted Aerospace Metal Part Manufacturing Shop

With specialty government packaging and comprehensive supplier relationships for plating, heat treating, coatings, and more, we’re ready to be your trusted aerospace machine shop and aerospace stamping shop. We’re U.S.-based and have multiple facilities to meet your production needs quickly and efficiently. As a family-owned organization with highly experienced and knowledgeable leaders as well as a best-in-class customer service team, let’s work together to ensure the success of your application.

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