OGS Industries Opens Up the Metal Manufacturing Career Pathway at Stow High School’s Youth Summer Camp

We are delighted to share that OGS Industries recently had the privilege of inspiring students at Stow High School‘s Maker & Maintenance Youth Summer Camp. Human Resources Manager, Shelly Penrod, and Estimator, Mandy Milhoan, both shared their professional experiences and provided insights into the diverse opportunities available in the manufacturing career pathway and at OGS Industries.

For the OGS team, the enthusiasm and participation from the middle school students was truly inspiring — and their excitement was evident as they created their own 3D shapes using our advanced Fiber Optic Laser technology.

The students’ eagerness to learn and their hands-on involvement highlighted their potential and interest in the metal manufacturing field. The positive response we received reinforces the importance of early exposure to technical skills and innovative tools, fostering a passion for future careers in both manufacturing and technology. Learn more about the importance of these programs for emerging high school students, and the valuable experience these middle school students gained through this immersive experience.

Students Embrace Innovation with Hands-On Fiber Optic Laser Experience

This year, our Summer Camp participants immersed themselves in a hands-on activity involving Fiber Optic Laser technology. They learned about how our advanced tool uses high-powered laser beams, directed through optical fibers, to cut and engrave materials with incredible precision, efficiency, and accuracy. For the students, working with the Fiber Optic Laser was an exciting introduction to the manufacturing career pathway and cutting-edge tools they might use in future careers for a range of metals and materials, as well as for applications ranging from intricate component manufacturing to large-scale industrial projects. Our activity demonstrated the importance of learning technical skills and keeping up to date with modern technologies in the industry, resulting in an engaging, educational, and memorable learning experience.

The Growing Importance of Career-Technical Education (CTE)

Stow High School’s Summer Camp aims to ignite interest in Career Technical Education (CTE) among middle school students, setting the stage for them to explore these programs as they enter high school. This initiative is crucial in preparing students for high-demand, high-skill careers and ensuring they are ready for both higher education and direct entry into the workforce.

By the time students complete these programs, they should be well-prepared to transition to post-secondary education or enter their chosen career fields. Often, they are also able to earn college credits, giving them a significant advantage as they advance in their education and careers. At OGS Industries, we encourage CTE programs in high school, and recognize them as an excellent opportunity for students to progress along the metal manufacturing career pathway and meet the evolving demands of the manufacturing industry.

OGS Industries’ Commitment to Student Development

OGS Industries is dedicated to helping students get a head start on their careers. This summer, we are thrilled to welcome two outstanding students into our Work-Based Learning program within the Maintenance and CNC departments. These students are gaining hands-on experience that goes beyond basic training; they are actively growing with our team and gaining a comprehensive understanding of careers in this field. By working on real projects alongside our experienced team, they are acquiring invaluable skills and insights. This initiative continues to be an excellent way for us to nurture the next generation of skilled technicians essential for the industry’s future.

Why OGS is an Ideal Place to Build a Career

Since 1959, OGS Industries has been a trusted name in metal stamping, fabrication, and machining, serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, industrial, and medical sectors. We are a third-generation family-owned business that treats our employees like family and our commitment to continuous growth and innovation is evident in our investment in modern machines, technologies, and techniques across our three facilities.

We are also proud to offer comprehensive benefits such as healthcare, 401k matching, paid vacation, and additional perks like employee luncheons and a robust Employee Referral Program. Team members also enjoy a healthy work-life balance with flexible work schedules and a supportive environment. Be sure to review some of our anonymous testimonials to learn more about the benefits of working with our team, and stay on top of the latest career opportunities on our website.

Investing in The Future of Metal Manufacturing

For emerging and graduating high school students, the future of metal manufacturing looks sharp — and is experiencing growth driven by technological advancements and a focus on efficiency. The industry added 622,000 new jobs in 2023, indicating its ongoing demand for skilled labor, and even offers the opportunity for smaller companies and startups to innovate and expand​​.

OGS Industries is excited about the future for the industry and our role in shaping it. By partnering with educational programs like the Youth Summer Camp Program for middle school students, the Career Technical Education for high school students, and by investing in our employees, we are building a stronger company and supporting the next generation of skilled professionals. We look forward to continuing our engagement with initiatives like Stow High School’s Summer Camp and fostering career readiness in the metal manufacturing industry.

Stay tuned for more updates from OGS Industries as we continue to open metal manufacturing career pathways.